Herboreal Ltd is committed to providing high quality rare phytochemicals and derivatives for R&D purposes

Herboreal Ltd has a large range of analytical and semipreparative techniques available to ensure the high quality we demand of our products:



Herboreal has expertise in a range of analytical and semipreparative chromatography techniques to ensure quality through the following capabilities.

*     Normal and Reverse phase HPLC using isocratic or gradient elution.

*     Capilliary column temperature ramp  methodology for solvent analysis by GC

*     Preparative scale chromatography

*     LC-MS to allow for rapid identification of mixtures             



Herboreal has access to a large amount of analytical spectrometry equipment allowing for accurate identification of products.

*     Open access 1D NMR allowing analysis of 1H 13 C 31P spectra

*     Open access 2D NMR allowing for many 2D NMR experiments including COSY,HMBC and NOESY

*     ICP OES is available for elemental analysis

*     UV/Vis & Infrared spectrometry allows fast and accurate product identification

*     A wide range of mass spectrometry equipment to allow accurate product identification using a variety of ionisation sources and mass analyzers

*     Accurate product identification can also be achieved through use of   X-ray diffraction