Herboreal Ltd is committed to providing high quality rare phytochemicals and derivatives for R&D purposes
HERBOREAL LTD offers the largest range of naturally occurring Coumarins and Furocoumarins standards for analysis. We provide reference compounds to research institutes, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our products are 99% pure and are available in units of 25mg, 100mg and 500mg, each batch is fully characterised prior to delivery and we provide a full certificate of analysis on request.

Please send any enquiries to chemical@herboreal.co.uk

Please download our catalogue as a pdf here

Manufacturing unit based on the campus of the University of Edinburgh

We supply milligram to multi-gram quantities of a growing range of naturally occurring Coumarins. Our current catalogue includes a unique range of 68 Coumarins including 34 Furocoumarins for sale.

If you are looking for a specific compound,and if you need multigram quantities ask us at Herboreal Ltd. We will be delighted to help.